Transaction Open Interface (TOI) and Pending Transactions in Oracle Apps

The Inventory Transactions Manager (Process Transaction interface – INCTCM) reads records from the MTL_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE table, validates them and moves the successful transactions into the MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP table. If record got stuck(while processing) it can be viewed from Transaction Open Interface (TOI) Window. INCTCM then submits Inventory Transaction workers (sub-processes – INCTCW) which then process these records to MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS. [Read more….]


Interface Trip Stop – Functional and Technical aspects

Interface Trip Stop program is submitted automatically (if Defer Interface Flag is unchecked in ship confirm window) at the time of ship confirm, or it can be submitted manually later from Order Management responsibility/Shipping/Interfaces/Run. Run the request: Interface Trip Stop – SRS.

Interface Trip Stop program consists of two parts:

1. Order Management Interface
2. Inventory Interface