Application of codified laws in lower courts – The ground realities

Position of our legal system and its harsh realities Whenever the term court is heard by a common man, a terrific feeling and an awe starts revolving in his/her mind. […]


Environmental laws and promotion of sustainable development in India: From legality to reality.

Once, some left-over food was being thrown in garbage, from a nearby auditorium. The crows sitting on the garbage upon seeing the left-over immediately responded – “it appears that even […]


Will Religion merely survive in 21st Century or will it Dominate?

Religion, 21st century and growth of rationalism The present era is marked by a rapid increase in science and technology. Each and every moment the world is becoming more and […]

Genocide of Rohingya community by a Nobel Peace prize winner! It’s a crime against Humanity.

Who are Rohingya and why Burmese armed forces are executing them. Rohingya is a Muslim minority group comprising of 4% of Myanmar’s populace. According to estimates, around eight hundred thousand […]


Dirty Games Of Throne inside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, high profile arrests and deaths.

Saudi Kingdom arrested 11 high profile princes including billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, one of the world’s richest man, hundreds of former ministers and billionaires. Saudi Authorities described this as […]