Dirty Games Of Throne inside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, high profile arrests and deaths.

Saudi Kingdom arrested 11 high profile princes including billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, one of the world’s richest man, hundreds of former ministers and billionaires. Saudi Authorities described this as an anti-corruption drive but critics saw this act as a step toward grabbing power by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
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A widespread purge to secure throne or just an action against financial corruption? It surely is more complex than that, let’s check the facts here.

How Saudi Arabia came into existence?

Starting in 1902 till 1932 through a series of conquests by Abdulaziz ibn Al Saud, he Conquered region of ‘Nejd’ (now central Saudi Arabia) and ‘Hejaz’ (now estern Coast of Saudi Arabia) to form a kingdom called “kingdom Saudi Arabia“.

As per the kingdom rule, his son became next king and then sons of the first king took turns one after another to become a king.
This system let everyone knew who will be the next king and crown prince. During the early time it was very stable system.
But once all the sons line of the first king became king or die then question arises that in whose family-line the kingship will be transferred?
This is the main reason for the inner conflict in royal family. Rivaliry grows up in family line of various former kings and as the time passes by more uncertanity grows.
At present as per the official estimate there are about 15,000 prince from the family lines of former kings.

What’s the present  situation regarding kingship?

Present King Salman came into power in 2015 at the age of 79 years and he is the 25th son of the first king.
King Salman appointed his younger brother Muqrin bin Abdulaziz as the crown prince(means next king nominated).
Also, after Prince Muqrin the kingship among sons of first king would end as no sons left to rule kingdom. So it was most likely understood the once Muqrin becomes king then kingship will be transferred to his son(Prince Mansour).

Then something very unnatural happens, King Salman removed crown prince Muqrin just after 4 months and appointed his own son Prince Muhammad as crown prince.
Also Muqrin son Prince Mansour is now dead in a mysterious helicopter crash near Saudi border.
So its now clear that transfer of kingship now shifted vertically(to Sons) rather than horizontally(to brothers) of first king.
This change in transfer of power causes great disruption in kingdom and crown prince Muhammad was quick to take control from very beginning.

Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman – Youngest minister of defense in the world.

A law graduate by education and political advisor by profession, Prince Muhammad was appointed as crown prince in June 2017. Within six months a huge number of domestic reforms were taken by him which includes removing of ban on female driver and creation of a $2 trillion Saudi sovereign wealth fund.

Actions to grab the power.

Since becoming crown prince he quickly took charge and started eliminating every probable opposition bodies through various purge operations. On 4 November,arrest of more than 40 high profile prince in case of money laundering and corruption was one example of this ongoing games of throne. Although to maintain the public sympathy the arrested high profile prince were kept in luxurious 7 start hotel in Riyadh Ritz-Carlton. It is believed that Prince Mansour was trying to flee the country but his helicopter was bring down by security forces. Another prince was killed during exchange of fire while resisting his arrest.

These actions by Saudi authority in name of anti-corruption drive can never be accepted as the same, its happening to stamp out the oppositions and make the path clear for crown prince to grab the power as soon as possible.

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