Genocide of Rohingya community by a Nobel Peace prize winner! It’s a crime against Humanity.

Who are Rohingya and why Burmese armed forces are executing them.

Rohingya-crisis-imagesRohingya is a Muslim minority group comprising of 4% of Myanmar’s populace. According to estimates, around eight hundred thousand Muslim Rohingyas live in Burma with around 80% of them living in the western territory of Rakhine, earlier called the Kingdom of Arakan.

They have lived in the region, now known as Myanmar, since twelfth century, as per numerous historians.  In 1784 the kingdom of Arakan was vanquished by the Burmese. In the year 1824, British conquered (Anglo-Burmese war) and for over 100 years it was in British control.

Rohingya-crisis-genocideMyanmar was under British control from 1824 to 1948, during this time there was a lot of migration of workers to Myanmar from the present day India and Bangladesh. British didn’t considered Myanmar as a separate country but as a province of India, so migration of labours from India and Bangladesh to Myanmar was seen just as internal migration in search of work.  But this migration of workers from mostly Bangladesh was seen contrarily by most of the local Buddhist populace of Myanmar.

Present Status of Rohingya in Myanmar:

  • In 2014, Myanmar conducted first population statistics however Rohingya were not included in that census.
  • During 2015 election Rohingya were not permitted to vote and neither they were allowed to participate as candidates in election.
  • They are denied rights of land and property and proprietorship, even those lands on which they are living currently can be taken away at any given time.
  • Myanmar law sets up 3 levels of citizenship, Rohingya are not considered in any level thus they are stateless.

When did tension start which led to current massacre?

religion-in-myanmar-rohingya-crisisBurma’s junta in the year 1982 passed a law that distinguished eight ethnicities qualified for citizenship. The Rohingya were not among them and they were stripped of their citizenship and forced to be stateless. In the years from that point forward, the Rohingyas have gone through numerous atrocities and were the casualties of savagery.

After autonomy (Independence from British rule), the Burmese government saw the relocation that occurred amid British administer as illegal, and it is on this premise they deny citizenship to the greater part of Rohingya.

In the 1830s during the British rule, Myanmar was considered as province of India and there was an enormous migration of Muslim laborers from neighboring Bengal, for the most part to work in the farming area. This migration of Muslims from Bangladesh to Buddhist majority Myanmar has caused Buddhists to consider them as Bengali migrants and they dismissed the term Rohingya and considered them as illegal.

As no citizenships are being provided, Rohingyas lives in a very misery conditions and recent atrocities over them forced them to migrate to Bangladesh. UN has called the present migration of Rohingya as the most critical refugee crisis on the planet.

What is the role of the Nobel Peace prize winner in Rohingyas genocide?

Aung San Suu Kyi - Counselor of Myanmar - Rohingya crisis
Aung San Suu Kyi – Counselor of Myanmar

In the year 1991 “Aung San Suu Kyi” was granted Nobel Peace Prize. In 1997 she was given ‘Freedom of Oxford‘ award. Following 15 years of house capture under military rule in Burma, in 2016 she progressed toward becoming Counselor of Myanmar.  

Looking at her background it was assumed that she would establish peace and grant equal rights and citizenship to the minorities. With the establishment of democracy there were hopes, but assumptions were wrong.

As Suu kyi came in control in 2016, Human rights watchers over the globe looks her with an awesome expectation. It was expected that when she takes the charge she will give break even with rights to the minorities, but she declined to truly talk about the situation of the Rohingya.

Aung San Suu Kyi and her administration don’t perceive the Rohingya as an ethnic group and justified brutality and military crackdowns on Rohingyas by terming them as terrorists. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate even didn’t censure aimless power utilized by troops and neither stand up against the ongoing brutalities by military.

Her ambiguous stand in this issue causes worldwide condemnation and in 2017 she was stripped of the Freedom of the City Award by Oxford City Council. The present atrocities by Burmese military have been termed as crime against humanity by United Nations.

Many Human right groups are now requesting to repudiate her Nobel Peace Prize too due to her role in recent Rohingya crisis.

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Genocide of Rohingyas

Ethnic cleansing and even genocide are not the completely correct terms to explain the horrific brutal incidents.

Incidents of Burmese army snitching crying baby girl from her mother and throwing into fire, burning of more than 300 villages and mass killings are some of the horrific incidents carried out by military under the nose of noble laureate.  As per the Médecins Sans Frontières(MSF – Doctors Without Borders), In august 2017 more than six thousands Rohingya including seven hundred children were murdered. The Myanmar armed forces have been blamed for wide-scale human rights infringement, including:

  • extra-judicial killings
  • gang rapes
  • Arson and infanticides
  • Ethnic cleansing

United Nations’ human rights chief declared that the Rohingya crackdown may constitute genocide under global human rights laws. It has been reported that radical Buddhist priests have been preaching that the Rohingya are resurrected from insects and creepy crawlies. Slaughtering them would not be an unspeakable atrocity; they say it would be more similar to pest control activity.

Rohingya Migration crisis refugees

Since the atrocities and brutalities in Myanmar, Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh. It is estimated that thousands of Rohingyas have been killed and burned by Burmese army in Myanmar. From the satellite images it is very clear that around 300 villages have been completely destroyed by burning it down to ashes. Here are the reports from many international media reporting about the burning of villages and mass killings.


International media reports :

The Guardian

Human Right Watch(HRW)

New York Times

Why Myanmar does not offer citizenship to Rohingyas?

Rohingya crisis refugees Not long after Myanmar’s autonomy from the British in 1948, the Union Citizenship Act was passed, characterizing which ethnicities could pick up citizenship, the Rohingya were excluded. Another citizenship law was passed in the year 1982; this law denied citizenship to Rohingyas and considered them stateless. Under the law, Rohingya were again not perceived as one of the nation’s 135 ethnic groups. The law set up three levels of citizenship. Keeping in mind the end goal to get the most essential level (naturalized citizenship), there must be evidence that the individual’s family lived in Myanmar before 1948. Numerous Rohingya need such documents to claim for citizenship but it was either inaccessible or denied to them.

Because of the law, their rights to contemplate, work, travel, wed, practice their religion and access health services have been and keep on being limited. The Rohingya can’t vote and regardless of whether they pay some dues, they need to distinguish as “naturalized” instead of Rohingya.

In the current Rohingya crisis, thousands of migrants including 300 thousands children have fled northern Rakhine state where many have seen terrible brutality no kid ought to ever see. No general public ought to endure the torment of the Rohingya individuals. We should unite together to help them, regardless of whether we are a believer of different religion or different ethnicity.

For the sake of humanity, I ask you to think about the sufferings of Rohingya individuals in Myanmar. Kindly spread the word so that world leaders can put pressure on Myanmar to stop the atrocities and give equal citizenship rights to minorities.

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