Gujarat election result a moral defeat to BJP after reducing to double digits, clear indication of fading Modi wave.



Gujarat Election Result declared and BJP which came to control in Gujarat for the 6th time, confronted an extreme fight against a recharged Congress under the authority of recently chosen party president Rahul Gandhi.  Amit Shah, had set an objective of 150 or more seats in Gujarat election result for the gathering in the 182-assembly seats, confronted a more noteworthy test that they most likely anticipated. The Congress which supposedly gains almost twenty seats contrasted with the 2012 get together races secured 77 seats. The BJP, however observed to get a dominant part command, has been decreased to twofold digits and completed with 99 seats.  Battles in Gujarat, both by the BJP and the Congress, were sharp and severely battled.

Why a moral defeat to BJP

Narendara-Modi-gujarat-electionMore than 50 rallies were held in Gujarat by PM Modi alone leave aside the rallies by Amit shah and other BJP popular leaders including UP CM Yogi Adityanath.  With such a massive campaign and inclusion of leaders from across the country into Gujarat election, it indicates that ruling party also understands the fact that people are fed up with false promises and communal disturbances and they no longer blindly support BJP. This is further proved after Gujarat election result as BJP loses its seats and congress gains seat as compared with 2012 election result.

Gujarat Election Result 2017

Party Won Leading Total
Bharatiya Janata Party 99 0 99
Indian National Congress 77 0 77
Nationalist Congress Party 1 0 1
Bhartiya Tribal Party 2 0 2
Independent 3 0 3
Total 182 0 182

Himachal Election Result 2017

Party Won Leading Total
Bharatiya Janata Party 44 0 44
Communist Party of India (Marxist) 1 0 1
Indian National Congress 21 0 21
Independent 2 0 2
Total 68 0 68

Ruling party was expecting more than 150 seats in Gujarat but it has been narrowed down to 99. The win was not as large as the BJP anticipated. Gathering pioneers had gone for 150 or more seats, however confronted an intense test from a resurgent Congress drove by Rahul Gandhi. Congress winning 77 seats in Gujarat (home ground of PM Modi) shows that Modi wave of 2014 is fading now. Comparing the seats (77+2) of Congress with 2014 LokSabha seats, it’s a gain of 63 seats.

Himachal election result – Some interesting facts

Himachal Pradesh election result (BJP-44, CONG-21) is a defeat of Congress as it loses its hold from Himachal. But there are some interesting facts that need to be noted. Although Congress loses the battle but BJP Chief Ministerial candidate, PK Dhumal, was defeated from Sujanpur constituency by 1911 votes. He was two times chief minister (1998-2003 and 2008-2012) and three times MP. Top leadership of BJP was clearly rejected which includes former minister Ravinder Singh Ravi, Gulab Singh Thakur, Indu Goswami from Palampur and Randhir Sharma. These big faces were expected to be induced into cabinet if they had won.

First test of Rahul Gandhi after becoming party president

rahul-gandhi-gujarat-election-resultRahul’s test is in expanding on the Congress’ recuperation in Gujarat – as the essential Opposition in Parliament and the national option on the ground. He shouldn’t, towards that end, be short of contacting the lion’s share group the way he did it in Gujarat. For their altruism is urgent for protecting the enthusiasm of minorities. For Rahul Gandhi, who strategised for and drove from the front the Congress charge, the outcomes are cause for fulfillment and thoughtfulness. The issues he raised got him reverberation which meant exceptional acknowledgment of his initiative.

BJP needs more face for election campaigning

narendra-modiTruly, It’s a festival time for BJP after Gujarat election result as they takeover Himachal from congress alongside triumph in Gujarat. The BJP has been controlling in Gujarat throughout the previous two decades and the present win is being viewed as a noteworthy one in front of the 2019 general races.
Be that as it may, the imperative point to recollect is that in coming 2019 race, PM Modi can’t be everywhere in the nation to hold such enormous campaigns  and street demonstrations like in Gujarat where he was allotted 50+ rallies.

It’s the ideal opportunity for BJP to shed away the approach of Divide and Rule and work on country building motivation. PM Modi amid his talks ordinarily attempted to energize the majority with his announcements, latest controversies like, “Electricity amid Diwali and Ramazan“, “Shamshan and kabristan”, “Mandir-Masjid in Ayodhya” and so on. Being on such noble position of our nation, native anticipates that he will discuss uniting the groups rather isolating them and inciting them just to pick up votes.

As Gujarat election result is declared, I would like to congratulate BJP for its consistent performance since 2014 and also to Rahul Gandhi for such impressive start as party president.

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