Internal Requisition and Customer Linking for Internal Sales Orders


Linking between Internal Requisition IR and Customer for creating Internal Orders in Oracle(R12). This scenario is based on creating an Internal Order from Internal Requisition (IR-ISO cycle). Internal Order is created through standard Program ‘Create Internal Order’ and then it is imported in OM through ‘Import Order’ program.

Note: To understand the complete IR-ISO flow in details refer to link here: IR-ISO Cycle techno-functional

In this article we are focused on understanding the relationship between Customer, Internal Requisition (IR) and  Internal Sales Order(ISO). Whenever we create an IR with destination type as INVENTORY then it is mandatory to provide an ORGANIZATION and LOCATION. See below screenshot of Internal Requisition form and you can see Destination type, Organization and Location field.

Internal Requisition

When ‘Create Internal Order’ program runs it checks these two fields and search for Customer based on these fields. So it simply means that you need to define these two fields in Customer setup. But now question arises that what setup and how to do that? So below are the steps you need to follow for customer Setup.

Step1: Create a Customer with name such as “Internal Customer – XYZ OU”. (If Customer already exist then just query with customer name or Account number.)

Step2: Create Customer sites as usual with “Bill To” and “Ship To” sites. (If Customer already exist then go to step 3)

Step3: Go to “Ship To” site and then navigate to ‘Business Purpose’ tab. Then you can see the page as shown in screenshot below. You need to add the “Internal Location” and “Internal Organization” value. Create Internal Order Program will read this value and matches with the IR value and if both matches then this customer will be picked.

You can have multiple ‘Ship To’ sites for same Internal Organization but it should have different Internal Locations.

IR-ISO Oracle apps r12
Customer Page with Internal Org and Location

I hope that through this article you now understand the linking of IR (org and Location) with Customer setup. So when a new Internal SO is created through IR you can easily understand why this particular Customer has been chosen by program. If you are having any question kindly post your queries, we will get back to you with the required details.


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