Interface Trip Stop – Functional and Technical aspects


Interface Trip Stop – flow of data and functionality

    <b>Interface Trip Stop </b>program is submitted automatically (if <em>Defer Interface </em>Flag is unchecked in ship confirm window) at the time of ship confirm, or it can be submitted manually later from <em>Order Management responsibility/Shipping/Interfaces/Run. </em>Run the request: Interface Trip Stop – SRS. </p><p style="font-weight: 400;">Interface Trip Stop program consists of two parts:</p><ul style="font-weight: 400;"><li>Order Management Interface </li><li>Inventory Interface</li></ul><p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="attachment noopener wp-att-1209"><img src="" alt="interface-trip-stop-oracle" width="564" height="366" /></a>

If ship confirm is done but ITS was not submitted (if “Defer Interface” Flag is checked), then the delivery detail status will become “Shipped”. If ITS is submitted and it completed successfully then Delivery Detail status will become ‘Interfaced’.  This signifies that data related to the delivery has been interfaced successfully to Order Management and Inventory.

  • WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS.OE_INTERFACED_FLAG = ‘Y’ [signifies ITS has interfaced shipping data to OM] if it is ‘N’ or ‘P’ then Inventory Interface is never triggered.
  • WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS.INV_INTERFACED_FLAG = ‘Y’ [signifies ITS has interfaced shipping data to INV]

Order Management  Interface  runs to update Order Management with the ship confirmation information. oe_order_lines_all and wsh_delivery_details table fields gets updated.

Inventory Interface picks records from MTL_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE and inserts them into MMTT (MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP). The Inventory Manager(inventory transaction manager.) then inserts rows into RTI (RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE) and calls the standard program named “Receiving Transaction Processor”(RTP).

If transfer type is Direct, the Receiving Transaction Processor inserts a record into MMTT and internally calls the inventory function which inserts records into MMT (MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS) and MOQ (MTL_ONHAND_QUANTITIES) and completes the delivery of the item into Inventory.

The Receiving Transaction Processor(RTP) also inserts records into RSH (RCV_SHIPMENT_HEADERS), RSL (RCV_SHIPMENT_LINES) and RT (RCV_TRANSACTIONS). It also updates the QUANTITY_RECEIVED and QUANTITY_DELIVERED on PO_REQUISITION_LINES_ALL. Records get deleted from MTL_SUPPLY on delivery into Inventory.

If transfer type is Intransit, the Receiving Transaction Processor just creates the shipment by inserting records into RCV_SHIPMENT_HEADERS and RCV_SHIPMENT_LINES. Then we need to explicitly receive from the Enter Receipts screen. Record is also created in MTL_SUPPLY with SUPPLY_TYPE_CODE = ‘SHIPMENT’.

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