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Built in 1841, one of the oldest recreational spot of Kolkata, West Bengal.  Princep Ghat is named after English Scholar ‘James Prinsep’. He was also positioned as assay master at the Calcutta mint.

His work as assay master led him to conduct many scientific studies. He worked on means for measuring high temperatures in furnaces accurately. The publication of his technique in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London in 1828 led to his election as a Fellow of the Royal Society.

He was interested in architecture and during his Benares(Varanasi) stay he studied and illustrated temple architecture, designed the new mint building at Benares(Varanasi) as well as a church at Varanasi. He also produced an accurate map of Varanasi after surveying Varanasi in the year 1822.

news infield NewsInfield

Princep Ghat Kolkata – NewsInfield

News Infield Newsinfield

Princep Ghat Kolkata – NewsInfield









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Princep Ghat Kolkata - NewsInfield



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