Ami ‘Banglar Rossogolla” – It’s official now, Rossogolla belongs to Bengal

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word  ‘Bengal’ or ‘Bengali’

Or the last meal dessert that completes
and completeness the Bengali cuisine most… Or that sweet tooth demand when you hear the term ‘Misti khabo‘…

Or the one that tops the must-have list when you visit Bengal !!!!
Yeah.. you are correct it’s Rossogolla.

West Bengal got GI tag for Rosogolla - NewsInfield
Rosogolla – NewsInfield
Can any other place ever beat the sweetest place on earth when it comes to ‘Rossogolla’?

West Bengal has finally got the Geographical Indication (GI) status for “Banglar Rossogolla” on 14th November 2017. It’s a sweet victory for Bengal in the legal battle over the origin between Bengal and Odisha.
This sugary syrupy desert holds many sentiments of Bengali’s, it’s their pride and honor.

The battle for the origin of Rossogolla between Odisha and West Bengal is controversial and around hundreds of year old now.

Odisha claims this sweet which was then called as ‘kheer Mohona’ is 700 years old.
This was considered to be part of a tradition where Lord Jagannath offered this sweet dish to pacify his wife Lakshmi, for not taking her along during Ratha Yatra.
From then, this has been customary to offer this dish as Prasad to Mahalaxmi at Puri, especially on the last day of Rath Yatra.

However, Bengal has its own tale of their unique delicacy ‘Rossogolla‘.

West Bengal got GI tag for Rossogolla
Rossogolla – NewsInfield

Bengal’s Rossogolla has its own uniqueness in terms of color, taste, juiciness and the method of preparation which is completely different from one in Odisha.
As per Bengal, Rossogolla was invented by  ‘Late Nabin Chandra Das’ in the year 1968.
Initially, he had a sweet shop at Jorasanko and then he opened another establishment at Bagbazar, North Kolkata. He always wanted to invent something that would only be called as Nabin Chandra Das creation.
He then started frying chenna balls in sugary syrup but every time it disintegrated.
After many trial and errors, he was finally able to invent the awesomely awesome delicacy of Bengal ‘Rossogolla’.

After so many years, on 14th November 2017, West Bengal has finally received the Geographical Indication(GI) status of “Banglar Rossogolla” for the uniqueness of the sweet in terms of texture, taste that completely differs from Odisha.

With so many controversies, West Bengal is proud to have this tag of “Banglar Rossogolla”.
With all due respect to all other tasteful deserts in the world, ” Banglar Rossogolla” is irreplaceable and we will always relish its taste for the lifetime that follows the path from eyes, moth and then completely melts into our soul.

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